Michael-Angelo-Le-HouxMichael Angelo Le Houx was born in the fifties, was a child in the sixties, a teenager in the seventies, a husband and father in the eighties, a business executive in the nineties and into the new millennium, and now writes and speaks about his subsequent personal experience of spirituality. He has tasted the elixir of success and achievement in his life and has also suffered the lonely despair of depression and alcoholism. His reflections on spirituality are well researched and potentially of widespread significance.

He proposes a model for life based on generic spiritual principles that makes a great deal of sense, without being prescriptive or restrictive. He doesn’t claim to be right about anything in particular, but what he does say is that his own life has been transformed by the principles and practices that he describes. His purpose in writing is simply to share what he has learned.

Michael lives and works in Sunningdale, England.